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Advanced Ceramics for US Based Demands

CeramTec North America

CeramTec North America is part of the global CeramTec Group as a manufacturing and sales organization. We are your experts in advanced ceramics and Ceramaseal® hermetic component solutions.

Advanced Ceramics. Often unseen, but always indispensable. A low profile through perfect function. Indispensable for performance, safety, and reliability. We encounter and rely on technical ceramics from CeramTec every day, often without even noticing them.

There are already many markets and industries that depend on the unique properties of technical ceramics. CeramTec North America meets the requirements by providing advanced ceramics and hermetic solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.

Hermetically Sealed Components

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Focus Areas of CeramTec North America

Ceramaseal® Products

From the development phase to the manufacturing of hermetic products, CeramTec North America provides you with fully integrated capabilities to meet your needs.

Employee Management

Join the Team

CeramTec North America offers you a wide variety of career opportunities: Whether in technical or commercial departments, we have interesting positions for experienced professionals and entry-level candidates.

CeramTec US - Career

About us

CeramTec North America is a world leader in ultra-high vacuum seal technologies, as well as a leading supplier of various advanced ceramic products. With over 100 years of experience, we are one of the world’s most respected manufactures of advanced ceramics for use in a wide variety of applications.


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